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Cumin Seeds

Nativity: Cumin has been grown in India,Turkey,Syriya,Pakistan, Arabia and Mediterranean countries.
Nature: The smell of cumin is quite pronounced, strong and heavy, with acrid or warm depths. It tastes slightly bitter, sharp and warm and their pungent flavor persists for long time.
Usage/application: Lightly dry roasting the seeds before use enhances their unique flavor and aroma. Cumin has an affinity with dried beans and pulses. It is also an excellent spice for vegetables and is often used in conjunction with Coriander Seed. It is used for flavoring drinks, employed for chicken and sweetbread in Arab Countries, used in pickles, relishes and salads in North Africa. In India, it is mixed as an essential ingredient of garam masala.
Medicinal value: It is taken as a remedy for diarrhea, flatulence and indigestion. The stems of this plant flavor many Vietnamese dishes and the strong-tasting seed is used in curry and Cajun seasoning. The seeds aid digestion and also relieve flatulence, colic and diarrhea. The whole plant acts as a tonic and mild stimulant.