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Fennel Seeds

Nativity: It is native to Southern Europe, now cultivated mainly in India for exports to Malaysia, Singapore , South Africa, Canada,Japan etc Also cultivated in Egypt.
Nature: Fennel Seeds are oval, light greenish brown and have a subtle, sweet anise-like flavor.
Usage/application: The Italians cook fennel with roast pork. In Iraq, it is ground with nigella for flowering bread. The Indians use fennel seeds in vegetarian cooking, breath freshening paans and candied to chew as a digestive aid (alleviates gas) at the end of meal. In Europe it is a traditional seasoning for fish, flavors pickles, cucumbers, etc. It has been traditionally used to boost mothers' milk production and promote menstruation.
Medicinal value: It is noted that the seeds were used in medicines for shortness of breath and for wheezing. It is also believed to help cure stomach complaints. Fennel is used to allay hunger pain, ease indigestion and as a diuretic. Fennel along with anise is the main flavor in liquorice (liquorice the herb has almost no flavor aside from that of sweet dust).The Historian Pliny believed about fennel's medicinal effects to strengthening eyesight. Herbalists later endorse the belief. In India and China fennel has long been taken as remedy for scorpion and snakebites.