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Processing Facilities

We have installed Hi-Tech machineries to carry out multi stage cleaning of our spices to achieve highest purity. Please find below list of machineries and their operation in detail.

CLASSIFIER -1: In the cleaning operation, the raw spices go through Classifier-1 (Pre-Cleaner), where series of sieves are arranged one below the other and here jute threads and other bolder foreign materials are removed in the top mesh and powders/sand and fine mud particles are removed in the third mesh. The desired product which comes out of second mesh goes to second Classifier.

CLASSIFIER-2 (ALONG WITH ASPIRATION CHANNEL): Here the spices are segregated by size difference by passing through selective arrangement of sieves in the Classifier. The products sized above and below the desired size are collected out from upper sieve and lower sieve respectively where as the Product of desired size pass through Aspiration channel. While passing through the Aspiration channel, the seeds are washed by air thereby dust and very small sized foreign materials are carried away to the Central Cyclone Separator where the dust and the smaller particles are collected separately.

MAGNET BOX and DE-STONER: The Spices after air washing goes through Heavy Magnet box where Iron particles are absorbed by the Magnet and then it reaches the Destoner machine where all the stone particles are removed.

GRAVITY SEPARATOR: Now, the Spices which are free of stones, move to Gravity Separator machine, which is designed to Clean Spices based on Bulk Density. Extremely Lightweight impurities such as smaller sized stalks and stems are collected separately. Spices which are smaller in size and lighter in weight and Spices which are Bolder in Size with even weight can be collected separately. Depending upon the requirements of our customer, we take in to process accordingly.

COLOUR SORTER: After separation by Bulk Density, the Spices are then sent to “BichromaticColour Sorter Machine” where other coloured impurities especially Mouse drops and Noxious weeds are removed from our Spices. Colour sorters use camera-based systems to view products at varying wavelengths (colours). More sophisticated bi-chromatic version of the Colour Sorter can compare the intensity of light reflected thereby allowing the camera to discriminate by colour as well as by intensity. The appearance of a defective product initialises a reject system, usually an ejector that uses a short blast of compressed air to blow the offending item out of the product stream.

METAL SEPARATOR: In the final stage, the Spices are flown through Metal Separator which detects and separates both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals from our Spices.

STORAGE, PACKING & DISPATCH: Now the Finished goods which are free from All sorts of Impurities goes for storage in High Rise Silos (capacited to store 14 tons) and then packed for dispatch.