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Fenugreek Seeds

Nativity: It is native to eastern Mediterranean and is cultivated around Mediterranean, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco, France and Argentina
Nature: Ground Fenugreek has a warm, yellowish-brown colour with a strong curry-like flavor. It has a strong aromatic smell similar to celery. Its aromatic smell dominates curry powder.
Usage/application: Fenugreek restores nitrogen to the soil and used as cattle fodder. It provides a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals.
Medicinal value: Ancient Egyptians used a paste from ground fenugreek, plastered over the body to reduce fever and used in fumigation and embalming. It is now used for manufacture of oral contraceptives. In Asia it is soaked in water and taken as a tea to aid digestion. It is also used to treat a number of disorders from diabetes and bronchitis to skin irritations and reproductive problems. This has been used to help relieve digestive cramps, menstrual pain and to reduce fevers. Fenugreek seeds have the unique ability to stimulate breast tissue to lactate (especially when used with blessed or milk thistle). It has also been used to increase breast size (look at the ingredients of most herbal breast enhancement products; it will almost always top the list).